Parke Diem! – by Sophie, grade 6

On Friday, Oct. 11, a day that we didn’t have school, my mom, brother and I went to do some service at Columbia Children’s Arboretum. The Portland Parks Foundation had organized a two-day volunteer service event for the community. They called the event “Parke Diem.” My mom had signed us up to volunteer online about a week before. The organizations at the Arboretum were Portland Parks and Recreation and the Portland Fruit Tree Project. A group of about 25 volunteers met the staff and introduced ourselves. Then we went off to do some work. Our group mulched around some native plantings that high schoolers had planted next to a little pond. There were also a lot of other groups around us. Some people were pulling blackberries, planting native species, or picking up rotten apples so that bugs wouldn’t come and have a feast in the orchards. By noon, the park was looking a lot better! We had a great time doing good in our community. (Plus we got to play in the leaves when we were done.)



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